MINSALES Cutter kit – Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter-(from minsha exports)


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  • Diamond Tipped Glass Cutter is a basic and simple tool for straight and curve cutting of glass up to 10 mm thickness.
  • cut glass. Different grit on each side.
  • A glass cutter may use a diamond to create the split, but more commonly a small cutting wheel made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide 4–6 mm in diameter with a V-shaped profile called a “hone angle” is used. The greater the hone angle of the wheel, the sharper the angle of the V and the thicker the piece of glass it is designed to cut.
  • The cutter is then rolled firmly over the glass, producing a “score line” or “fissure,” weakening the glass along this line. Pressure as light as 5 or 6 pounds, upon a 120 to 140 degree wheel on thin glass; Pressure as heavy as 20+ pounds, with a 154 to 160 degree wheel, on very thick glass. The well-scored pane is ready to be split. The glass may be further weakened by lightly tapping along the cut. The glass cutter in the photo has a ball on one end for tapping the glass. Running pliers may then be used to “run” or “open” to the split.


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