MINSALES Stainless Steel Wood Screw 25 mm * 6 mm, Pack of 100 pcs


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Material Carbon Steel
Exterior Finish Metal, Stainless Steel
Metal Type Stainless Steel
Head Type Flat

About this item

  • Made from a high quality Stainless steel. The screws are treated so they resist rust and corrosion.
  • Highly strength and aggressive screw twist pattern allows you to drive them fast and to complete your project efficiently and quickly. Sharp points for self tapping into wood, furniture and mild steel. Typical uses are for installing dry wall/sheetrock, repairing wood furniture and cabinets.
  • home and commercial use
  • carpenter choice
  • Excellent grip
  • Stainless Steel Wood Screw


Head Self-Drilling Screws are high strength and precision fasteners used for sheet metal applications. Their high hardness and strength combined with their main thread allow for the perfect fastening of wood to metal or metal to metal. The tensile strength of these screws allows them to be used in high-load applications as well. They are also used for fixing plywood, wood, plastic, etc. Product Features:- -Easy to carry and use -Made of high-quality black steel material -Strong and high strength -Anti-rust – Rugged and durable


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