MINSALES Vaginal Speculum, Cusco (Large)


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  • Vaginal Speculum, Cusco (Large)
  • Made by with Premium Quality Heavy Stainless hard Steel sheet.
  • advantage of Cusco’s speculum is that it is self-retaining.



SPN-BFCC speculum g
SPN-BFCC Speculum
APN-BFCC speculum
SPN-BFCC Speculum
SPN-BFCC Speculum, Cusco
Versatile tool: Speculum, Cusco (Large) is a versatile medical tool that is commonly used in gynecological exams to examine the cervix
Durable and long-lasting: Made of high-quality stainless steel, the Cusco speculum is durable and long-lasting, providing reliable and consistent results for healthcare professionals.
Comfortable and adjustable: The Cusco speculum is designed with an adjustable screw mechanism that allows for easy insertion and removal. Its shape and design make it comfortable for patients during exams.
Hygienic: The Cusco speculum is easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring that it is hygienic for each use. It is also latex-free, making it safe for patients with latex allergies.


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